My first adventure into the world of blogging…

In preparation for starting my library traineeship in September (very excited!) I’ve decided to start developing my Web 2.0 skills by creating this blog. I’m also having an unofficial go at the 23 Things Cambridge programme, and so far I have managed to create my own iGoogle page, as well as signing myself up to Google Reader in order to follow blogs, and I have also joined the wonderful world of Twitter!

Here is a screenshot of my iGoogle page...

...and my iGoogle hamster!

I’m actually finding Twitter a lot more useful than I initially thought it would be – it is allowing me to follow lots of relevant news feeds relating to librarianship and education, and it has also plugged me in to a whole network of other graduate trainees and librarians. Through Twitter I suddenly feel that I am part of  a vibrant and dynamic community of information professionals, which is brilliant when you are a new trainee just starting out.

I hope to try and experiment with as many of the 23 Things as possible before I start my traineeship, so that by the time September comes around I will be Web 2.0-savvy and well equipped to document my time as a trainee on this blog – here goes! 🙂

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3 Responses to My first adventure into the world of blogging…

  1. theatregrad says:

    Good to see you started blogging! It is an excellent way to document your trainee year and all the personal reflection will no doubt come in useful for selling yourself in library school interviews. Keep it up and good luck for starting your traineeship!

  2. Helen Matthews says:

    I did the Oxford 23 Things programme and it was really good. I was quite sceptical to begin with but now I use Google reader, iGoogle and Twitter every day, as well as the other Web 2.0 tools for work and personal stuff too.

    • I know what you mean – I’m completely addicted to Twitter now despite being very dubious when I first signed up. I think Twitter is great for networking and meeting new people, whereas I find Facebook more useful for keeping in touch with friends and family. I was already using Google Reader to keep track of all the library blogs I follow so I’m only using my iGoogle page to keep track of the news and weather at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll use it more once I add the Google Calendar for Thing 6 🙂

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