Back to blogging…

…as I have now officially started my traineeship! I have been a library trainee for just over two weeks now, and so far I have been doing things like checking reading lists, making library cards for new students, learning how to process book orders, and – most importantly – preparing for the Freshers’ Fair!

This year at the Freshers’ Fair the Library is going to have its own stall and we’ll be giving away goodie bags, getting the students to sign up for induction sessions, and we’ll also be conducting a Doodle poll on their use of social networking tools. The aim of this is to give us an insight into the places where the students are likely to want to receive updates and information, so that we can create a presence there for the Library. We already maintain profiles on Facebook and Twitter and we’re also considering the possibility of setting up a blog in future if this is something that the students might find valuable.

Next week is going to be busy and exciting for me as I’m taking my first cataloguing course during the week with some of the other Cambridge library trainees, and then on Friday I’m off to London for the CILIP New Professionals Information Day where I’m hoping to meet some of the lovely library peeps that I’ve been following on Twitter! Then on Friday evening I’m back at the college for the new graduates’ welcome and matriculation dinner where I’ll get to meet the new students and eat some yummy food while being all gowned up – very posh 🙂

More blogging to come next week!

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One Response to Back to blogging…

  1. I haven’t been invited to Newnham’s matriculation dinner, hmph! See you at the UL for fun cataloguing times 🙂

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