CILIP New Professionals Information Day 2010 – Embracing the Future

On Friday I travelled down to London with some of my fellow library trainees from Cambridge to attend the New Professionals Information Day – it was a fantastic day with many inspiring and thought-provoking presentations.

Information downloaded straight to the brain... (photo used under Creative Commons from gregoniemeyer)

My favourite presentation was given by Phil Bradley who stressed the importance of looking towards the future when developing your skills as a librarian. He envisaged a paperless world, without the need for books, newspapers or magazines as physical objects, and he also suggested that the internet as we know it would not exist in the future, as by this point information would be all around us in various electronic forms, instantly accessible via mobile technology or via embedded computer chips.

The idea that librarians must embrace technology in order to remain relevant in tomorrow’s society seemed to be a recurrent theme during the event. In a presentation entitled ‘Techno-geek?: What you have to know about technology as a library and information professional’, Ned Potter demonstrated that all roles within the field of librarianship require at least some knowledge of technology and he recommended that librarians take every available opportunity to learn new technical skills.

I definitely agree that it is important for librarians to embrace new technologies and to envisage ways that the profession might develop in the future, and I think that the changing information landscape means that now is a really exciting time to be training to become a librarian. I’m looking forward to all the challenges which will come as we gradually move from a predominantly paper-based to a predominantly digital, paperless information society, and to becoming a librarian of tomorrow 🙂

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