Library Day in the Life Project: Day 2

Day 2: Tuesday

Not too many students in the library this morning so I continued checking my reading list and I had another quick glance through the papers for the Library Committee to refresh my memory. The Committee meeting was the main event today really, although it was actually quite short in the end – only 45 minutes, which is definitely the quickest Committee meeting I’ve ever been at 🙂

 The main topics of discussion in the meeting were:

 –         the library budget

–         the plan to buy new anatomical models for the Medical students

–         the need for an updated policy on access to materials in the archive

–         the building work which is planned for the library in the near future

–         a proposal to introduce three-week as opposed to termly borrowing

It was a fair amount to race through in 45 minutes so I was scribbling away madly for most of the meeting. Afterwards I compared notes with the Librarian and asked for clarification on some points about the library budget which I didn’t fully understand. This led to an interesting discussion about library book allocation budgets in general and how they are managed, which was really useful for me. Hopefully I should be able to get the minutes typed up properly tomorrow!

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