Library Day in the Life Project: Day 4

Day 4: Thursday

Did all the usual morning tasks when I got in and then I worked on my minutes until around 11am. After that I went downstairs to cover the main office while the Assistant Librarian attended a staff meeting. Just before lunch our library volunteer came in to do some work for us – she is actually a qualified librarian in her home country of Poland, but she volunteers with us in order to improve her English within a library setting. There wasn’t very much shelving for her to do today so instead she had the fun job of removing all the labels and library markings from a trolley of old editions which had been withdrawn from the shelves – I will probably be having a go at that myself tomorrow if I have any spare time!

After lunch I settled down with my minutes again – sometimes I write minutes very quickly, but other times the sentences just refuse to flow properly and I spend ages fiddling with them to get them right. I was starting to feel quite sleepy, but then the fire alarm unexpectedly went off and we had to evacuate all the students from the library before going outside to stand in the freezing cold. No one had warned us about the drill so I wondered for a moment if the college was actually on fire, but fortunately not! I certainly felt a lot more alert by the time I got in out of the cold and back to my desk and I managed to finish off the rest of the minutes fairly quickly.

Towards the end of the day I had a quick catch up with the Assistant Librarian and she briefed me on the main points from the staff meeting earlier in the day. After this, I went back up to my office to tie up a few loose ends and to make a to-do list for tomorrow, and then it was home-time 🙂

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2 Responses to Library Day in the Life Project: Day 4

  1. Really enjoying your libay6 posts, makes me miss my traineeship!

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