Library Day in the Life Project: Day 5

Day 5: Friday

Today has been my favourite day of the week so far because I had the job of updating the CATALOG website, which is a website that is jointly maintained by the library trainees in Cambridge. I find it quite absorbing to mess about with HTML code, especially when it doesn’t work but then I finally manage to fix it – very satisfying 🙂

Unfortunately I was just getting stuck into my coding when we had to power everything down because the electrician and the architect were doing some tests on the library wiring system – this was followed by a mass exodus of students from the library when they realised they could no longer power their laptops! It was quite an amusing situation because the various builders, planners, electricians and maintenance people didn’t really seem aware of their surroundings (i.e. a library) and kept calling to each other loudly from across the room. We library staff responded to this indignity with fits of giggles and theatrical shock at the inappropriateness of it all. It was the first time I’d ever heard anyone raise their voice in the library, so it did seem slightly shocking!

Seeing as I lost some time this morning due to the power cut, I came back from lunch a bit early to finish tinkering with my HTML. Then this afternoon I proof-read my minutes once more before I submitted them, and after that I finished off the French reading list – lots of things ticked off my to-do list today, which is what I like!

More library-related stuff is planned for the weekend as I have to prepare for my UCL interview next Tuesday, but I also plan to have a nice long lie-in 🙂

This concludes my blogging for Library Day in the Life – I hope that it was useful!

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One Response to Library Day in the Life Project: Day 5

  1. Adrienne Cooper says:

    Have really enjoyed reading about your week. Good luck for next Tuesday – you’ll be grand!

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