Cambridge 23 Things

Last year a group of librarians in Cambridge got together and organised a very successful 23 Things programme for library staff who work for Cambridge University, Faculty and College libraries. This year, myself and some other Cambridge library people have decided to organise a new 23 Things programme called Cam23 2.0, which we hope will be just as successful!

Cam23 logo

The aim of the 23 Things programme is to introduce library staff to Web 2.0 tools and technologies that could be beneficial for libraries. Many libraries, for example, now use Facebook and Twitter accounts to communicate with their users, while others use blogs to keep users informed about new library resources and events.

The 23 Things programme this year will include many of the Things which were in last year’s programme, but we have also updated it with Extra Things so that people who completed the programme last year can still take part. The course is self-directed, so people can do it at their own pace, but the aim is to complete one or two Things per week (or one Extra Thing – or even all three Things if you want to!). Each participant must then blog about their experiences with each Thing. At the end of the programme, everyone who finishes gets a certificate as well as being entered into a prize draw – hooray for prizes!

In addition to editing blog posts for this programme, I have found myself in a marketing type role as it has been my job to create flyers to promote our launch event, which is taking place from 5.00pm on Friday 17th June in the Morison Room at Cambridge University Library.

I also had the opportunity to design some cute wallet-sized promotional cards which we will be handing out to everyone at the launch event. In order to create them, I sourced some images from Flickr Creative Commons and then used Macromedia Fireworks to construct my designs. I then uploaded the images to a printing company called Moo, who I was pretty impressed with as they managed to print and deliver the cards in only a few days. The printing costs were covered by ProQuest, who have kindly agreed to sponsor us for this year’s Cambridge 23 Things, so thanks are due to them – and here’s the finished product!

Moo card fronts

Original images by: karindalziel, creativity103 and sbisson via Flickr Creative Commons

 Moo card back


I’m really happy with the way that these turned out, especially as this was my first time creating anything like this – I’m looking forward to giving them away at the launch!

So, if you are a Cambridge University, Faculty or College library employee and you are interested in learning some awesome new techie skills, please feel free to come to the launch event this Friday, and also to join the Facebook group (Cambridge 23 Things) or follow us on Twitter. And also don’t forget to check out our blog for the latest information on taking part in the Cam23 2.0 programme!

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  1. Wow, they look fantastic! Moo did good!

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