CPD23 Thing 8: Google Calendar

I have had Google Calendar sitting on my iGoogle page for quite a while now, but haven’t really been using it that much as I tend to use the calendar which comes with the email client at work. However, I have been making more use of it lately to remind myself about upcoming CPD23 meet-ups or online chats and it has proved quite useful for this. Google Calendar is now set to send me an email the day before I’m due to attend an event, which means that I’m much less likely to forget!

Google Calendar screenshot

My Google Calendar

I can see how a publicly shared Google Calendar might be very useful to a public library, particularly for advertising events and opening hours to library patrons. However, as our college library is open 24 hours a day and is for quiet study only, a publicly shared calendar wouldn’t be as useful to us in that respect. I did read in this article that it is technically possible to link Google Calendar to your library management system in order to send out reminders about overdue books, which is something that could potentially be very useful for our library. However, as the author notes, it could also be quite complex to set up!

I think that I might find Google Calendar more useful in the future once I eventually acquire a smartphone of some description – when this happens, I will be able to access Back to pen and paper...Google Calendar wherever I am, which will make it much more valuable to me. Until then, I’ll guess I’ll just have to stick to my regular paper diary whenever I’m on the move…

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