CPD23 Thing 9: Evernote

Evernote logoFor this week’s Thing I have been experimenting with Evernote – a desktop application that allows you to write notes and to save text or image clippings from the web. Any notes which are made in Evernote can be accessed via the web or via a mobile device, which essentially means that when you are online you can jot things down using Evernote and then access these jottings later from wherever you are – provided of course that you have an internet connection.

At the moment I am going through the process of flat-hunting, so in order to experiment with Evernote I decided to use it to keep track of the various properties that I’m currently investigating. I clipped some images of flats from the web and wrote up a brief schedule of my forthcoming viewings, but I have to say that I found Evernote a bit clunky to use. It wasn’t always quick and easy to format my notes the way that I wanted them, and I also wasn’t able to copy whole web pages into Evernote as I found that it struggled to maintain page layouts.

However, despite not liking some aspects of its functionality, I can definitely see how this application could be useful. Unfortunately, I think that, for me, the core of its usefulness is based on the fact that your notes are accessible whenever you are on the move, and as I currently have no internet-enabled mobile device, I am unable to use Evernote in this way. As such, when I went on my flat-hunting mission today I had to put all my Evernote notes into a Word document, print them out and then take them with me, which definitely Old fashioned phonedefeats the point of having this application. I can’t really blame Evernote for this, but it does mean that Evernote is an application which won’t be very useful to me until I finally upgrade my (increasingly old-fashioned) mobile phone…

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