CPD23 Thing 19: Integrating ‘Things’ Into Our Work

This week we have been asked to blog about what we have gained so far from the CPD23 programme, as well as to consider which new tools have been the most useful and how we might integrate them into our working practice.

Although I won’t be able apply any of these new tools to my job immediately (because I am leaving work to become a full-time student), here are the ones that I see as being the most useful to me in the future:

My library currently has both a Facebook and a Twitter account and we have found these to be really useful for communicating with students. Almost all of our students are on Facebook, so it’s really useful to be able to post library-related news here because they are much more likely to see it. I would definitely hope to set up Facebook and Twitter accounts in my next job if none existed, as doing so enables the library to build an effective online presence. The only problem I can foresee in the implementation of these tools is the fact that some institutions restrict the use of social media at work. I hope that this is not the case in my next post, because I do think that social media tools can provide enormous benefits for libraries.

This is a new favourite of mine, as I have previously mentioned. I can see this tool being extremely useful for the creation of instructional videos to be used during information literacy training sessions.

Reference management tools
I’m still experimenting with these (especially Zotero) in the hope that they may be useful once I begin my Masters course, but even if I decide not to use them myself, I still think that it’s important to understand how they work in case I ever want to recommend or teach them to students in the future.

RSS Feeds
I already used RSS Feeds before I began the CPD23 programme and I will continue to use them in order to keep my professional awareness up to date.

I think that LinkedIn is potentially very useful as a platform for discussing library-related issues with other information professionals, as well as for keeping an up-to-date online record of my work experience and achievements.

With regard to the non tool-based elements of the CPD23 programme, the exercises which I have enjoyed the most have been Thing 3: Personal Branding, Thing 5: Reflective Practice and Thing 10: Routes into Librarianship. These exercises gave me the opportunity to reflect upon my professional identity and on my career path as a librarian, which has been really useful because it has helped me to construct a clearer picture of where I am going and what I want to achieve. I definitely plan to integrate reflective practice into my next library role as I think that this sort of reflection will enable me to engage with my day-to-day work at a deeper level.

Finally, one additional benefit for me of doing the CPD23 programme has been the comments that I have received on my blog from the other participants. It’s been really useful to get other people’s insights and advice on various different elements of the programme, so thanks very much to all those who have shared their thoughts!

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