First Day at Library School

Today was my very first day at UCL as a new library school student! I had already completed my main registration on Saturday, so after registering with my Department I decided to go and investigate the Librarianship section of the Science Library. Our subject gets a whole room in the Library to itself, which is really good, but I was told that I would have to wait 24 hours before I could borrow anything because my student card hadn’t been activated yet – apparently I am a bit too keen!

After this brief exploration, we had an introductory talk from Claire Warwick about the Department of Information Studies. She encouraged us to take a holistic view of our field and to maintain an awareness of how the different disciplines in the department were interconnected. The Department of Information Studies at UCL offers courses in Publishing, Archives and Records Management, Digital Humanities, Information Science and Electronic Communication, as well as Librarianship, so it’s quite large and diverse – it’s great to be part of a department which caters for so many different kinds of information-based careers.

After our talk, I had lunch with some of my fellow library students and then a couple of us went to explore the UCL Main Library. I’m not sure how much time I will be spending in this library as most of our course materials seem to be in the Science Library, but it was useful to have a look around. After this I went to speak to my personal tutor in order to discuss dissertation plans and volunteering opportunities – I’m really hoping to find some volunteer work which allows me to try my hand at teaching within a library context as this is something which I would like to do in my next job. I will be very excited if I can manage to find some voluntary work in this area!

Overall, today was a very busy day but I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to more induction sessions tomorrow, as well as our options fair where I will hopefully find out a bit more about the optional modules that I’ve chosen, and maybe even be able to borrow some books from the library! 🙂

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