CPD23 Thing 23: Reflection – What Next?

Racing for the finish line!We have finally reached the end of the CPD23 programme! It’s been a really interesting journey and I’ve enjoyed having the chance to reflect upon my professional development, to experiment with fantastic new tools, and to read other people’s stories about their careers and why they got into librarianship.

The next career step for me will be to complete my Masters degree, although there’s still a long way to go yet as I’m only three weeks in! As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve already identified a couple of gaps in my experience which I’m hoping to fill this year by doing some volunteering. My personal development plan is still in my head at the moment though, so I’m going to follow the advice of this programme and start writing it down in a bit more detail. I usually make a habit of writing down my goals because this helps me to stay focused – and it’s also very satisfying when I’m able to tick off the things that I’ve achieved! I’m a very goal-orientated person so personal development plans are definitely the way forward for me.

And so, in conclusion, here is my CPD23 six word story which sums up my impressions of the CPD23 programme: ‘a technological adventure into professional development!’

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