The End of Library School!

Runner finishing a raceWell, my time at library school has finally come to an end as I have at last managed to complete and submit my dissertation. It was a tough piece of work which demanded all of my time and concentration, which is why this blog has been a bit quiet for the past few months. There were times when I thought that I wasn’t going to get the thing done in time to meet the deadline, but I’ve since learned that this was a pretty common feeling amongst most people on the course. As far as I know, everyone who was panicking about getting it done still managed to submit it on time – it was a bit of a marathon for everyone, but we got there! I’m actually quite glad that we had the Olympic Games this year, as having the races on constantly in the background during my write-up period definitely inspired me to keep working towards my own personal finish line. The results won’t be out until November, of course, but fingers crossed everything has gone according to plan and I will soon be a qualified librarian!

My next big challenge is going to be securing a new job in an academic library. After considering all my options, I’ve decided that this is the best career direction for me as I’m still passionate about education, I want to support students with their research and information literacy skills, and I enjoy working in Universities and Colleges. I’m not too concerned at this stage about securing my first professional post, as I enjoy working as a library assistant and am happy to continue doing this. It will all depend on what opportunities present themselves. Job-hunting is inevitably going to be a little bit nerve-wracking as I’ve never job-hunted in a recession before so I’m unsure how difficult it is going to be, but I know that I’m not the only one in this boat and that makes me feel a bit better about it all. Whatever happens, I will endeavour to remain optimistic!

In the mean-time, I’m going to keep up with my CPD activities and my blogging, and I’m also going to take some time to relax and enjoy a well-earned break!

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2 Responses to The End of Library School!

  1. Ruth Jenkins says:

    Congratulations! It’s so nice to see “I’ve finished” popping up on Twitter, Facebook and in my RSS feed reader!
    And it’s great you don’t have the pressure to find a professional post right away. I was quite keen to, but I was quite limited because I was quite specific about where I wanted to move. However, for when you are full on job hunting, I found that the job market isn’t *quite* as bad as I thought. There are still quite a few jobs out there, but unfortunately not as many as there should be so there still is competition. But I was pleasantly surprised about my options. Not sure if any of that made sense!

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